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The most beautiful walks to do on foot or by bike from Villa Edo Tenno (TN)
– Giacomo Cis path
– Walk to Lake Tenno
– Walk to the Varone Waterfalls
– Path and Promenade of the Ponale
– Lungolago walk from Riva to Torbole

Giacomo Cis Path (Duration: 1.30 h)

The Tagliata del Ponale, also known as the Emperor’s fortresses, is an exceptional system of tunnel fortifications, consisting of a complex of corridors and trenches excavated in the period 1904/1918 directly above Lake Garda, in a unique panoramic position.
It can be reached from Riva del Garda following the State Road n.45 bis towards Limone and at the first junction, after the hydroelectric power station, go up to the right along the old Val di Ledro road.
The path, called “Giacomo Cis” by the builder, is unpaved in its initial part, with signposts useful for hikers who walk along it for the first time.
The most spectacular work of the fortification is the long staircase that descends from the third tunnel towards the level of the lake.
The staircase ends a few meters above the water with four large openings towards the lake: two openings on the outside for cannons and guard posts.
The walk is also suitable for cycling, with which it is possible to extend the route to Pregasina

Walk to Lake Tenno and Rifugio San Pietro (Duration: 1h / 2h)

Near the Varone Waterfall, to the left of the restaurant “la Rocchetta”, begins the panoramic path No. 401 called “Gòla” which leads to the village of Tenno and then continues to Calvola.
At Calvola, going down the road on the left, you reach the medieval village of Canale from which you can then reach Lake Tenno in 15 minutes (2 hours from the Waterfall).
Continuing instead from Calvola on the same route 401, partly on path and partly on paved road, we arrive at the Rifugio S. Pietro to enjoy an exceptional panorama that extends up to half of Lake Garda.

Varone Waterfalls Walk

The beautiful walk that leads to the Parco Grotta Cascata Varone, allows you to visit, in addition to the picturesque Grotto with its waterfall, a magnificent natural park and botanical garden.
Varone is located 2 km from villa EDO and is one of the major tourist attractions of Garda Trentino and can be reached by taking Route 421 towards Riva del Garda.
The waterfalls are located in Località Tenno in Via Cascate 12 and can be admired from two points that are accessible by stairs.
The park is open all year, with times ranging from winter to summer and admission is charged.

A walk not to be missed between Lake Garda and Lake Ledro

The Sentiero del Ponale, north of Lake Garda, is one of the most famous and appreciated trails in Europe and connects Riva del Garda to the Val di Ledro.

The walk can be done on foot in about three hours each way, or by mountain bike or bicycle.

Riva lakeside promenade - Torbole (Duration: 50 minutes)

From the center of Riva, you reach the San Nicolò marina just outside the city towards Torbole, at the foot of Monte Brione, just below the old fort of San Nicolò which was part of the Austrian fortress system during the First World War, when Riva was a ‘Austria.
Continue the walk on the coastal pedestrian cycle path, which starts from Riva and reaches Torbole using the Ponte Sul Sarca and the embankment over the lake built “ad hoc”.
the beautiful walk along the beach takes about 30 minutes, then continue to the right of the tunnel and in another 20 minutes you reach Torbole and more precisely the Lido di Arco beach where you can continue to Torbole or decide to continue on the path towards of Arco (5 km).


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Located Volta di No, 76
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